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PAP-Check A Code

Check A Code Professional

For instant validation of IATA agencies and travel professionals holding the IATA/IATAN ID Card.
Use the tables below to compare the features offered by the Evaluation and the Professional editions of CheckACode.

Agency Validation Personnel / ID Card Validation
Features Evaluation Professional
Agency Name Check Check
Country Check Check
Agency Class   Check
Site Type   Check
Agency Address   Check
Agency Phone Number   Check
Agency Approval Date   Check
Features Evaluation Professional
First Name Check Check
Last Name Check Check
Agency Class Check Check
ID Card Exp. Date   Check
Agency Name   Check
Agency Numeric Code   Check
Buy CheckACode Professional
Option Option Details Subscription
(in months)
Price Details (in USD)
Airline Member Third Party
CheckACode 500 500 Validations 12 25.00 50.00
CheckACode 5000 5000 Validations 12 50.00 250.00
CheckACode Unlimited Unlimited Validations 12 250.00 750.00