Check a Code

  • IATA or Industry Issued Numeric Code is required
This Evaluation Version of Check a Code will allow you to verify the validity of an IATA travel professional or agency but will not provide any details such as address.
For additional information about the travel professionals and agencies you are looking for, use Professional Edition of Check a Code.
Terms of Use
VALIDATE AGENCY PERSONNEL - Validate IATA/IATAN ID Card or Registration Status
Please enter the Unique Identification Number / Verification Number / Personnel Registration Identification Number :
Verification Number
(10 digits only)
Personnel Registration Number (US only)
(6 digits only)
Global Data Products
VALIDATE AGENCY NUMERIC CODE - Validate an IATA issued Numeric Code
  Please enter the IATA or Industry Issued Numeric Code :
Industry Numeric Code
12-3 4567 8
(Maximum 8 digits)